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You want quality when it comes to choosing the right amino-acid supplement. You want a product without any additives or sugar, a product that is made 100% from the highest quality amino acids. You want BCAAs, glutamine and arginine, as well as high doses of essential amino acids (EEAs) free-form amino acids and di- and tripeptides. Amino Xplode 10,000 has it all! One of the highest-grade products on the market.

The highlights of Amino Xplode 10,000

  • 10,000 mg of pharmaceutical grade amino acids per day
  • Contains whey protein isolate (WPI)
  • Contains whey protein concentrate (WPC) and free-form amino acids
  • High daily dosage containing 4,700 mg of essential amino acids (EEAs)
  • Supplementation for six weeks of hardcore training at the gym
  • Zero empty calories, zero sugar, zero additives
  • Rest and nutrition as important as training

The strongest bodybuilders at your gym not only have stamina and the right DNA, but they also realize that bodybuilding is a way of life. It’s not just about training, it’s also about the right nutrition and sufficient rest. Amino Xplode 10,000 – from Stacker2 Europe – accelerates your muscles’ recovery time and increases the time for your muscles to become stronger, fuller and thicker. You’ll see results faster, you’ll feel fitter and you’ll get stronger faster and more easily.

Lengthen the growth phase: for fuller, stronger muscles

Amino acids are your muscles’ building blocks. The harder you train, the harder your muscles work. Physiologically, this is what happens: you give every set your maximum effort, progressing step by step each week using heavier and heavier weights. Your muscle fibers are exerted to their limit and your hormone balance spikes. Male testosterone spikes, as do levels of growth hormones in your bloodstream and stress hormones such as cortisol. Your body endeavors to recover as quickly as possible from the exertion and to do this, your muscles need amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, i.e. ultimately the building blocks for your muscles. An amino-acid deficiency results in extended recovery times for trained muscle groups and this is something you want to avoid. You want to capitalize on the growth phase for as long as possible. The growth phase is when your muscles actually become stronger and thicker. Amino acids are the key to this process and Amino Xplode 10,000 supplementation helps you reach your goals faster and more easily.

Suggested Use: Use daily. Take five Amino Xplode 10,000 tablets twice a day. Swallow tablets with a large glass of water. Take the first dose around 11 a.m. and the second dose around 3 p.m.


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